$475.00 3D Microblading Eyebrows  ( Include 1 touch-up.  Lasts 12-18 months)

The most natural and soft, high-definition looking wow-brows! Results are presto perfecto, contour face.

Recommended for: All hair types & skin type 1-4. Thin, thinning , patchy & sparse brows, uneven brows, subtle natural brows enhancement

NOT Recommended for: Skin type 5, 6.  Dark skin tone color 

$575.00 Big Bold Brows O'mbre Shading ( Include 1 touch-up.  Lasts 2-3 Years)

Turn shapeless brows into lifted, defined brows.  This technique blends microblading method with powder-in ombre method resulting in a polished pair of beautifully arched brows. Pst! Professional Makeup Artists everywhere love this look!  

Recommended for: All hair types and all skin tones, blonde & red color hair, thin / thinning eyebrows, droopy eyes. Alopecia / post-chemo brows rejuvenation

$550.00 Men Microblading Brows ( Include 1 touch-up.  Lasts 12-18 months)

Men can have thick, bold and full brows, too.  Turn those uneven, sparse brows into handsome brows.

Recommended for: Men wanting to naturally thicken their eyebrows.

$450 Ombre' Powder Shading ( Include 1 touch-up.  Lasts 24-36 months) 

Say good-bye to everyday drawing of your brows. Our Ombre' Powder Brows have a soft powdered body, a sharp & defined lower line, a light diffused upperline and front, which creates the ultimate 3D brow shape and design.

$250.00 Microblading Color Boost ( After 10 weeks - 1 year)  

Boost and maintain your existing microblading eyebrows color with color boost

$65 Permanent Makeup Beauty Mole ( per area)

For the "Cindy Crawford" in you



If you are desperately waiting for a day to get rid of your bad PMU or tattoos here is the right place!  PhiRemoval method is the best and safest way to remove everything you are not satisfied with.  PhiRemoval method can remove and lighten all colors, non-surgical and painless technique to remove unwanted and old permanent makeup without laser no scarring or damage to skin.  

Eyebrows Removal  ($210)

2nd session ($125) - 3rd session ($85) 

Eyeliners Removal ($150)

2nd session ($100) - 3rd session ($50)

Lips Color Removal ($250)

2nd session ($175) - 3rd session ($100)


$75 and Up

Please read through the FAQs, BEFORE & AFTERCARE, TERMS & CONDITIONS pages prior to setting your appointment to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for permanent makeup.  Results varies from client-to-client and lifestyles.  How the skin will react is different for everyone and many factors are to be taken into consideration.  Skin type, age, scarring, diet, stress levels, facial products used, etc. all play a key role in how the pigment will hold, which is why it is important to know that more than one touch up may be required.  We can guarantee that your face is important to us and that we will act in accordance with our experience and expertise to give you our absolute best.  We can guarantee that we will strive to make you content every time.  But there are no guarantees in this industry.  Please think long and hard before you decide to go for it.  



Ready to transform your dull brows from Meh-to Meow?   Every gals (and guys) need a pair of pretty, polished, perfectly arched eyebrows.  Select from our options of beauty treatments below to be beautiful all day and all night.

$80.00 Lash Lift & Curl

Eye lashes treatment to life and increase the curl of the eyelashes

$30.00 Eyebrows Or Eyelashes Tinting

The perfect trick to darken the brows or/& lashes for glamorous eyes!

$25.00 Eye Brows (Re) Shaping

Professional, perfectly shaped eyebrows enhances your features, lift and frame your face  

$15.00 Brows Wax

 Maintenance brows clean-up. No brows trimming


*BIG BOLD BROWS require a credit card on-hold to book appointments.  The time is reserved exclusively for you.  We understand that things happen at the last minute so PLEASE, give us a courtesy call, email, or text at least 24 hours prior to your schedule appointment in the event you must cancel/reschedule to avoid a late cancellation fee.  Late cancellation or reschedule on the day of the scheduled appointment will result in a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable service fee. No exception.  When a client decide to no-call/no-show we loose business within those hours. We thank you for your understanding.  We look forward to seeing you soon.



Profile the client. First the microblading artist will assess the client’s lifestyle and taste. Do they want something bold or natural? Do they wear makeup everyday or just special occasions? What face shape does the client have? This  interview will help the artist create the best brows for their client.

Draw on the eyebrows. Next the artist will draw the eyebrows directly on the client’s face with a waterproof eyebrow pencil. This will be the artist’s guide for the microblading procedure. This also allows the client to see the final look before any permanent work is performed.

Microblading. Now the artist begins microblading, according to the drawing they’ve agreed upon with the client. 

Remove the excess ink. Once the microblading is finished, the artist wipes excess ink off and the client can see their new eyebrows! Except for some redness, the client will be ready to go back out in public, no problem.

Photography.  All microblading artists photograph their work for many reasons, not the least of which, to have a record of their own art!