Non-permanent Brows Sculpting & Non-extension Lash Services 


brows sculpting $95

Include total brows reshaping + henna tinting + brows waxing 

henna brows tint $55

Darken the color of your natural brows for over 14 days with organic henna!  Suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin

Brows (re) shaping $30

Professional brows expert in brows sculptingpcreate beautiful eyebrows compliment your facial symmetry and shape.

lash lift $95

Ditch the eyelash curler & opt for Keratin lash lift to keeps your natural eyelashes curly and voluminous for more than 6 weeks!  

Lash Tint $55

Have lashes but doesn't look like it?  Lash tint is your answer to darken the color of your natural lashes.  The results lasts more than 6 weeks.  Gently tint colors varies from blue, blue-black, black & brown.


Professional application of mascara that gives you luscious longer lashes that you can take with you anywhere and

lasts for 3 - 4 weeks.